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We are stoked to introduce the official LOWGLOW Kit!

*Production lead time may subject to 2-3 weeks*

If you're not sure what strip sizes to pick for your car please message us on Instagram ( and we'd be happy to help!

LOWGLOW is the first automotive lighting company to offer a fully plug-and-play system with custom lengths! It's as simple as measuring your car, ordering the correct strips, and installing them! Our plug-and-play system also makes it super simple to swap out a strip if it gets damaged or scraped off. We offer a durable, IP68+ waterproof color-chasing LED strips with strong 3M tape to ensure your ride can reliably light up the road. With our custom lengths and plug-and-play system, it's never been easier to get a properly fitting underglow kit!

The most frustrating thing you can experience is waking up the next day to your car's battery being drained after installing an underglow kit. Battery drainage occurs when the system is "off" using the app but the RGB Controller is still drawing power causing your battery to drain over time. With our LOWGLOW Kit we have a built in on/off switch, that routes into your cabin, to the relay and the harness that helps prevent this battery drainage. Not only are you saving your battery, when properly using the on/off switch, but it is the safest option to use when turning off your underglow while driving.  


We now offer a 1 Year Warranty for any of our products that are proven to be defective! This warranty does not include misuse, damage, or incorrect installation.

To learn more about the LOWGLOW Kit, please click here or send an email to

Our kit includes:

  • 2x Front LED Strips
  • 2x Side LED Strips
  • 2x Rear LED Strips
  • 5x 6.5ft Extension connector cables
  • Y-Connector
  • Bluetooth Controller featuring 200 color chasing modes + unlimited solid colors
  • Relay, Fuse, Switch Wiring Harness
  • Mounting Tabs + Zip Ties
  • stickers :)


International Customers:
When importing a good/product from another country there is almost always custom duties/fees that will need to be addressed before delivery. 

If the LOWGLOW Kit is used/installed refunds are not available. If the LOWGLOW Kit is still new in box, an up to 30% restocking fee will be in place. *60 day of ordering refund policy*

*Off-road use only*

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