Do these kits need to be cut to length?

No! We are proud to provide a complete plug & play underglow kit with many length options to choose from! This allows customers to have a properly fitting, reliable kit without having to worry about cutting or modification!

LOWGLOW started as a 'DIY' styled underglow kit that involved cutting the LED strips to your desired lengths and then soldering connectors on each end of every strip. This configuration was unreliable and required prior knowledge of soldering and wiring.

Are the kits wired to the battery or do you plug them into the cigarette port?

Our kit connects directly to the battery terminals! We have heard a lot of complaints about other kits on the market frequently draining their customer's batteries. The LOWGLOW Underglow Kit comes with a relay, fuse, and switch harness that allows you to turn off the main power to the kit and help prevent battery drain!

How do I determine strip sizes for my vehicle?

The easiest way to get the best strip sizes will be to send us a message on Instagram (@lowglow.shop) with the year, make, and model of your vehicle! Also if you have any cosmetic modifications done to your vehicle please send us Front, Side and Rear photos of your vehicle.  

Do we ship internationally?

Yes! We ship internationally but whenever you are importing a product from another country there may be import duties/fees that are owed which is what you may have gotten a bill for. Unfortunately there's no way around this. (Russia and Ukraine are temporarily unavailable to ship) 

Can I control the underglow with my phone?

Yes! The kits are Bluetooth and controlled by an app. There are 200 pre-programmed color chase modes + unlimited solid colors!

Does each LED strip have a connection to the next strip or is it permanently wired?

There is a connector on the end of every strip. When designing this kit, accessibility was an important factor for us. We designed it so that each strip can be unplugged if you need to remove a body panel or access a part of the car.

What do I do if I damage one of the LED strips?

We understand that accidents happen, so we offer individual replacement strips that can be easily swapped out! If you damage or scrape off a strip, replacing is as easy as ordering a replacement, unplug the old strip, stick on the new one, and plug it back in!

How durable/waterproof are the LED strips?

Our strips are IP68+ waterproof and as durable as flexible LED strips get! It's mounted by adhesive and fasteners underneath cars, so if you scrape, there's a chance you'll damage or rip off the LED strips. Most other companies use a silicone sleeve around their strips (IP65/IP67) to make them "water-resistant", but we have gone the extra step and filled those sleeves with silicone to ensure these strips are durable and IP68+ waterproof!

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We offer a 1 YEAR warranty for any of our products that are proven to be defective. This warranty doesn't cover misuse, damage, or incorrect installation. We test all of our underglow kits before shipping out. If you believe that you received a defective product from us, please email us at service.lowglow@gmail.com.


Yes and No. If the kit is used/installed then unfortunately a refund will not be able to proceed. If the kit is brand new/never installed there is an up to 30% restocking fee included with the full refund price. 60 day refund time period of ordering.