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Sale SOLD OUT!!! Thank you so much!!

We are stoked to introduce the official pre-order of the LOWGLOW Kit!

*This is a preorder, orders will ship out within 2-3 weeks after purchasing*

If you're not sure what strip sizes to pick for your car please message us on Instagram ( and we'd be happy to help!

LOWGLOW is the first automotive lighting company to offer a fully plug-and-play system with custom lengths! It's as simple as measuring your car, ordering the correct strips, and installing them! Our plug-and-play system also makes it super simple to swap out a strip if it gets damaged or scraped off. We offer durable, IP68+ waterproof color-chasing LED strips with strong 3M tape to ensure your ride can reliably light up the road. With our custom lengths and plug-and-play system, it's never been easier to get a properly fitting underglow kit!

To learn more about the LOWGLOW Kit, please click here or send an email to

Our kit includes:

  • 2x Front LED Strips
  • 2x Side LED Strips
  • 2x Rear LED Strips
  • 5x 6.5ft Extension connector cables
  • Y-Connector
  • Bluetooth Controller featuring 200 color chase modes + unlimited solid colors
  • Relay, Fuse, Switch Wiring Harness
  • Mounting Tabs + Zip Ties


*Off-road use only*

If you choose the wrong length of LED strips and need to exchange them for a different length, there will be a 30% restocking fee as well as shipping costs.

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