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Icy T-Shirt💙

Icy T-Shirt💙

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In memory of our good friend, Nate Bowman also known through social media as @icy.frs/@icy.370, we came out with the 'Icy T-Shirt' which all profits will be donated to the 4-H program as well as the Morrow County Dog Shelter in remembrance of him. Stay Icy💙

Included in the Icy T-Shirt:

- T-Shirt

- 2x Stickers 


*Standard Fit*

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$5,000 Donated!

Off of our "Tortoise Charity Shirts" we have raised over $3,000 which we included another $2,000 of our own money to make it a total of $5,000 donated to our local animal shelter, Columbus Humane Society!🐢